How to get rid of shoulder pain

How to get rid of shoulder pain

A Brief Overview on Shoulder Pain – Its Causes, Remedies and Prevention Methods 
Shoulder pain is a common medical condition at the most movable joint of the human physique. Four muscles and their tendons make the shoulder move freely with motion. The most common causes of shoulder pain are swelling, bone changes, or damage to the rotator cuff. Sometimes, the rotator cuff tendons get trapped under the bones in the shoulder. There are many other reasons also associated with shoulder pain that create uneasiness, discomfort, and problem in the movement of the shoulder, stiffness, and acute suffering.

What are the common causes of shoulder pain?
Do you know that our shoulder is a ball and socket joint? This particular body part faces such a movement that it tends to be more vulnerable to injury. No matter what's your age, shoulder pain can happen at any time and if not treated quickly, it makes the patient suffer a lot. According to medical science, the cause of shoulder pain includes:

  • Tendonitis from overuse
  • Strains from overexertion
  • Shoulder joint instability
  • Frozen Shoulder
  • Pinched nerves
  • Arthritis in the shoulder joint
  • Broken shoulder bone
  • Dislocation of the shoulder
  • Poor shoulder posture
  • Bursitis
  • Osteoarthritis

Though these are the common causes, there might be some other causes such as sudden injury on the shoulder and the nearby tendons responsible for shoulder pain.

How to get rid of shoulder pain?
Whether it’s frozen shoulder or other issues, shoulder pain can be treated with physiotherapy and medication with expert’s advice. After diagnosing the cause of pain, a trained physiotherapist observes the shoulder blade, scapula, and its position. Once an intense assessment gets done, the physiotherapist makes a treatment plan based on your condition. Also, the expert professional guides you through some of the appropriate exercises to improve the condition.

How can you prevent shoulder pain?
Prevention is always better than cure – Are you agree with it? No one wants to suffer from acute shoulder pain, stiffness, and swollen shoulder joints, and so on. To avoid these extreme medical conditions, you can follow these easy tips –

Exercise properly – Wrong exercising methods and movements can hurt your shoulder joints. Learn how to do exercises in the right way and always warm up your body before work out.

Never ignore your body – If you feel any soreness or pain on the shoulder joints, don’t hurt it anymore. Better, give it some rest to get it cured and if it does not get cured, then contact the doctor without delay.

Enhance endurance- Build up endurance gradually to make your body gets habituated with physical exercise, or sports activities or any other movement.

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